Multi-station thermoformer MAT-500MM is manufactured with electric drive made by “Schneider” (Germany), which enables to provide a good production capacity.

 Purpose: manufacture of trays, containers, covers, jars, cups, compartmented inserts, lunch boxes, blister packaging.



 In the standard version, MAT -500ММ «MultiForm» is delivered complete with the following units:

  • unwinding unit with pneumatic lift of roll having diameter up to 800 mm (if ordered by the customer, the other unwinding unit may be delivered for roll with diameter up to 1800 mm but without pneumatic lift of roll). The unwinding unit has two positions of roll location, making possible to change the roll without stopping the equipment;
  • film-input table;
  • film-moving unit (chain feeding unit) equipped by servo motor. The unit is also provided with function of shifting away from each other of feeding guides, which is important when forming PP (polypropylene). The housing of the feeding unit is made of special-section duralumin profile;
  • non-contact heating unit (upper and lower plates);
  • combined unit for forming/cutting (cutting tool: band knives) equipped with servo motor and automatic lubrication device;
  • stacking unit (stacking upward with subsequent shift of stacks to acceptance table). On order of the customer, the stacking unit may be delivered with function of turning finished products about their axes.

Installation and removal of tooling (forming tools, cutting tools, stacking accessories) is carried out on operator’s side.

  • technological-waste winding unit;
  • control unit with control module;
  • pneumatic devices.

The equipment is furnished with compressed-air saving system (double supply of pneumatic cylinders).

In the standard version, MAT-500ММ «MultiForm» thermoformer makes it possible to use the forming technology with combined cutting products along their outline, with possibility of additional pressing by punch and subsequent stacking finished products in a stacking unit having function of counting finished products.

MAT-500ММ «MultiForm» thermoformer model may be additionally provided by a separate automatic cutting unit as an option. The base model design of the equipment provides for a place for its installation and in-line connection. The cutting tooling comprises band knives.

After installation of the automatic cutting unit on the equipment, there arises an additional possibility of separate forming with subsequent cutting in the cutting unit. When a separate cutting unit is used, it is also possible to cut products in several parallel planes, provided that the maximum distance between the upper and lower cutting planes is not more than 45 mm.

Machine specifications:

Climatic performance in accordance with
GOST 15150-69:
УХЛ 4.2
Degree of protection:
IP 3.0
Drive Type:
pneumatic, electric
КClass purity of the compressed air in accordance with GOST 17433:
not worse than 8
Power supply:
380V, 3F
Maximum power consumption:
75,0 kW
Average power consumption:
20,0 kW
Compressed air pressure:
6 - 10 bar
Maximum air consumption:
2,55 m3/min
Average (nominal) compressed air consumption:
2,28 m3/min
Type of coolant:
Multiturn cooling water cooler
Maximum consumption of coolant:
40 L/min
The method of heating the material:
Non-contact, two-sided
Molding method:
Pneumatic with pre-punch hood
Method for separating the products:
Cutting tools combined with cutting stacking
Types of manufactured products:
Negative, positive, negative and positive
Maximum dimensions of manufactured products:
460 × 550 mm
Maximum depth of manufactured products:
140 mm
Plastics types:
Plastics thickness:
0,18 - 1,5 mm
Maximum width of plastics:
610 mm
Maximum roll diameter of plastics:
1800 mm
Maximum weight of a plastics roll:
800 kg
15 - 40 cycles/min
Guaranteed load factor when changing tooling is not more than 1 time per week:
Overall dimensions (length × width × height):
9000 × 2600 × 2300 mm
3500 kg
Average changeover time:
2,5 - 3,0 hours


Package examples:

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