Multi-station thermoformer MAT-500MM is manufactured with electric drive made by “Schneider” (Germany), which enables to provide a good production capacity.

 Purpose: manufacture of trays, containers, covers, jars, cups, compartmented inserts, lunch boxes, blister packaging.



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MAT-500MM4 "MultiForm" has been developed on the basis of out multinode thermoformer MAT-500MM.

Purpose - producing lids (including all McDonalds types and other), trays (including trays for fruits and berries with vent holes), microcontainers, plates, substrates, complex blisters with punching or holes.

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Why us?

"We do it today, others will think about it only tomorrow" – here is a principle by which our company is guided since 1997. That’s why our equipment enjoys popularity not only among small and medium enterprises, but also among well-known large enterprises which have a continuous production process.