The MAT-100M model uses low-cost and fast-manufactured moulds! 

The MAT-100M model allows to produce in automatic mode the widest range of blister packages made of PS, PET, PVC (including a blister with a bend of two edges of a product in automatic mode), chocolate trays, shallow trays and rectangular substrates.

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The MAT-150 model uses low-cost and fast-manufactured moulds!

The good average speed (1200-1500 cycles per hour for products with average dimensions) and the high maximum speed (up to 2200 cycles per hour for small items) with the forming area of 250х350 mm and the maximum forming depth of 55 mm make this model practically versatile.
One of the modifications of the MAT-150 model is its short (light) version - MAT-150М.

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MAT-300 model uses low-cost and fast-manufactured moulds!

MAT-300 is a thermoforming machine with a larger forming area. Its main task is to form from PS,PET, PVC chocolate trays, trays, pallets, although it can also be used for the manufacture of blister packaging, at your option.

In the forming unit of MAT-300 (as in the MAT-150 model) a lever mechanism is used which has proved to be excellent for many years of operation at our customers, so even with the maximum dimensions of the molded products (310х410 mm) and the forming depth up to 55 mm this model has the speed of 1200 cycles per hour.

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The purpose is to manufacture using the blow molding method in the negative duralumin moulds products such as a blister, a chocolate tray, a box, a rectangular tray with individual cutting off made of film roll material PVC, PET, PS, OPS according to the non-waste technology.

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Why us?

The reliability of our equipment is due to many years of experience on the market of thermoforming equipment and moulds, as well as the use of component parts of only well-known manufacturers.