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The manufacturing company «Termopak» was founded in June, 1997 and since then has been a developer and a manufacturer of automatic thermoforming equipment, moulds and tooling of any complexity, as well as the support equipment for the production of disposable plastic packaging.


In addition, we supply rotary packing systems for packing piece goods into blisters, trays и substrates with the function of welding with covering materials (cardboard, foil, plastic).

The equipment supplied by our company is the result of many years’ experience of our engineers and technical specialists.

Developing and manufacturing the equipment, we are always guided by the principle: "To be one step ahead, using creative solutions".


The models of our equipment allow to produce any kind of packaging that can be obtained by thermoforming from all types of rigid roll-fed plastic. It is a packaging used in food industry: salad bowls, containers, packages for cakes, egg trays, disposable tableware, sweets and rolls trays, as well as blister packagesfor goods of technical purpose, consumer goods, toys, metalwares, household goods.

The modular design of our thermoforming equipment allows us to meet the demands of virtually any packaging manufacturer from a small enterprise to a large plant.

Our customers are currently a lot of companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Spain and Portugal.

One of our main lines of activity is the development and the manufacture of plastic packaging, made by the the thermal vacuum forming method.


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Why us?

One of the basic principles of our work is to meet as much as possible the demands of our customers, to be attentive to them during the whole operating period of the supplied equipment. Our customer relationship is not limited to a warranty period.