It is designed for packaging a large amount of piece goods into a blister and it operates as follows: blister feed from a storage unit into a moving lodgement, product feed into a blister, placing of a cardboard label on a blister shape, welding of a blister card to a blister part, removal of a finished package to the delivery tray. All the above mentioned operations are carried out automatically. It can be manufactured in the configuration (manual packaging of goods into a blister). In this case all the other machine functions are maintained. It is a MAT-150UP1 model and it is operated by one packaging operator.

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Why us?

"We do it today, others will think about it only tomorrow" – here is a principle by which our company is guided since 1997. That’s why our equipment enjoys popularity not only among small and medium enterprises, but also among well-known large enterprises which have a continuous production process.