Blister Package

blisterThe blister package is presentable, protects goods from counterfeiting, speeds up the packaging process, simplifies counting and makes a selling easier. The blister package is easy-to-use for the consumer and creates an image for the manufacturer.


Сhocolate trays


 A chocolate tray makes a package attractive and, moreover, protects products from contact with the base package, as well as from mechanical damage during transportation and storage. They are used for packing chocolate candies, marshmallow, cookies, fruit jelly, drops and other confectionery products. A chocolate tray is the most “creative” package. When manufacturing chocolate trays we use the whole color range of films. Our task is to produce chocolate traysthat please the eye for products that please the taste.


Sushi package

sushiSushi package makes it possible to save and convey the Middle Eastern cuisine peculiarities; there is a place for sticks, sauce, ginger and wasabi in it. At the customer's request we produce packages of any shape and size. Individual customer approach.


Pallets & containers

groceryPallets & containers protect fruit from being damaged and ensure ease of fruit marketing and transportation.


Why us?

"We do it today, others will think about it only tomorrow" – here is a principle by which our company is guided since 1997. That’s why our equipment enjoys popularity not only among small and medium enterprises, but also among well-known large enterprises which have a continuous production process.