One of the main lines of our team since 1997 consists in development and manufacture of molds and dies for thermoforming and vacuum forming equipment, including that manufactured by ILLIG, KIEFEL, MEAF, TFT, GABLER.

We have an experience of delivery of molds and cutting tooling to Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

We are able to develop and manufacture for you molds and dies for different technologies of plastic packaging forming:

  • combined forming and cutting (with punching knives) with punch extrusion of formed material;
  • combined forming and cutting with band (punching) knives;
  • two-stage forming with subsequent cutting with band (punching) knives.


We manufacture molds and dies for processing different film materials: РР, PS, PET, PVC, ОPS, PS/PE, PVC/PE, EPS for production of:

  • cups
  • containers
  • covers
  • plates
  • compartmented inserts
  • cake bowls
  • salad bowls
  • egg flats
  • lunch boxes
  • micro containers
  • cream bowls
  • other plastic packaging








For manufacture of molds and dies, we use tool steels, standard complementary parts, as well as specialized parts and components. For manufacture of extrusion punches, we use up-to-date synthetic materials – syntactic foam or spherical plastic.

A coordinated work of the experienced team of design and production engineers makes it possible for us to solve many problems our customers have in connection with development and manufacture of molds.

The process of manufacture of molds is divided into several stages:
  1. Joint development with the customer of technical assignment for development and manufacture of molds (includes visit of our specialist to the customer’s production site to obtain accurate attachment dimensions, if required).
  2. Development and agreement of packaging design to be manufactured.
  3. Development of design documentation for mold and cutting tooling.
  4. Manufacture of mold and cutting tooling.
  5. Putting mold into operation after its installation on customer’s equipment together with customer’s personnel (if required).
  6. Service support of mold under guarantee.

Tens of companies from many countries are now our customers


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Why us?

"We do it today, others will think about it only tomorrow" – here is a principle by which our company is guided since 1997. That’s why our equipment enjoys popularity not only among small and medium enterprises, but also among well-known large enterprises which have a continuous production process.