The MAT-150 model uses low-cost and fast-manufactured moulds!

The good average speed (1200-1500 cycles per hour for products with average dimensions) and the high maximum speed (up to 2200 cycles per hour for small items) with the forming area of 250х350 mm and the maximum forming depth of 55 mm make this model practically versatile.
One of the modifications of the MAT-150 model is its short (light) version - MAT-150М.


Machine specifications:

Climatic performance in accordance with
GOST 15150-69:
УХЛ 4.2
Degree of protection:
IP 3.0
Drive Type:
КClass purity of the compressed air in accordance with GOST 17433:
Power supply:
200V, 1F
Maximum power consumption:
4,0 kW
Average power consumption:
3,0 kW
Compressed air pressure:
5 - 10 bar
Maximum air consumption:
0,5 m3/min
Average (nominal) compressed air consumption:
0,46 m3/min
Type of coolant:
Tap water, industrial water, antifreeze, glycol solutions (liquid or reusable with water cooler)
Maximum consumption of coolant:
2,5 l/min
The method of heating the material:
contact, one-sided
Molding method:
Method for separating the products:
cutting tools
Types of manufactured products:
negative with a bend
Maximum dimensions of manufactured products:
250 × 350 mm
Maximum depth of manufactured products:
55 mm
Plastics types:
Plastics thickness:
0,18 - 0,4 mm
Maximum width of plastics:
250 mm
Maximum roll diameter of plastics:
500 mm
Maximum weight of a plastics roll:
50 kg
7,5 - 25 cycles/min
Guaranteed load factor when changing tooling is not more than 1 time per week:
Overall dimensions (length × width × height):
2950 × 770 × 1572 mm
250 kg
Average changeover time:
2,0 hours
Автор : btamedia

Why us?

The reliability of our equipment is due to many years of experience on the market of thermoforming equipment and moulds, as well as the use of component parts of only well-known manufacturers.