If you are a manufacturer of disposable tableware (cups,jars) and if your equipment is operated continuously for three shifts a day, month after month, then you certainly need an automatic stacker of finished products. We offer you ASt-95.

ASt-95 is an automatic stacker adjustable to different product diameters (a cup, a jar the depth of which is greater than the diameter at a ratio of no less than 2:1). This stacker operates in line with the thermoforming equipment as MAT-250, MAT-500, MAT-500PP, MAT-500SV, MAT-500М as well as the imported thermoforming equipment ILLIG, MEAF and similar to it.
The ASt-95 device allows to work with the thermoforming equipment running on multi-row moulds that allows you to increase the equipment capacity.

Автор : btamedia

Why us?

"We do it today, others will think about it only tomorrow" – here is a principle by which our company is guided since 1997. That’s why our equipment enjoys popularity not only among small and medium enterprises, but also among well-known large enterprises which have a continuous production process.