MAT-500MM4 "MultiForm" has been developed on the basis of out multinode thermoformer MAT-500MM.

Purpose - producing lids (including all McDonalds types and other), trays (including trays for fruits and berries with vent holes), microcontainers, plates, substrates, complex blisters with punching or holes.

How it works: molding followed by punching, contour cutting and stacking. Punching node can be disconnected from the control panel if necessary.

 Structure of the MAT-500MM4 «MultiForm» machine:

  • Roll uncoiler. Based on pneumatic drive
  • Non-contact heating. Ceramic infrared heating elements.
  • Forming unit. The ability to use plug assist is provided.
  • Punching holes unit. Multi-seater gapless stamp is used.
  • Material supply unit. Duralumin body of ETEM Systems Ltd (Greece), chains of REGINA (Italy). Unit is equipped with individual lubrication system. Based on servomotor.
  • Contour cutting unit. Punching knifes are used.
  • Stacking unit. Downward stacking with shifting piles on the receiving table. Number of items in a pile can be set from control panel.
  • Wastes coiler unit. Based on electric drive.
  • Control panel node, pneumatic equipment.

Machine specifications:

Climatic performance in accordance with
ETS 300 019-1-3:
Drive Type:
electro-, servo-, pneumatic drives
Power supply:
380V, 3F, 50Hz
Maximum power consumption:
93,0 kW
Average power consumption:
20,0 kW
Compressed air pressure:
0,6 ÷ 1,0 mPa
Maximum air consumption:
4,985 m3/min
Type of coolant:
a liquid, free-standing water cooler (not included in the scope of the equipment)
Heating method:
non-contact two-sided method with infrared emitters
Molding method:
pneumatic with plug assist or without it
Cutting method:
cutting at the point of molding or a spaced apart molding (forming) and cutting by means of steel rule die
Stacking method:
formation of cut-to length products in number for stacks by pushing the products down without reversal with subsequent shift of stacks to the production table
Types of manufactured products:
‒ negative in height up to 130 mm
‒ positive in height up to 45 mm
‒ positively negative with a positive part up to 45 mm at a negative part up to 70 mm
Maximum dimensions of manufactured products:
460 × 570 mm for PP
460 × 600 mm for others
Maximum stack height of manufactured products:
300 mm
Plastics types:
- high impact-resistant polystyrene
- butadiene styrene (HIPS, SB)
- bio-oriented polystyrene (BOPS)
- polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
- amorphous polyethylene phthalate (APET)
- polypropylene (PP) and multilayer film materials based on them
Plastics thickness:
0,18 - 1,0 mm
Maximum width of plastics:
660 mm
Maximum roll diameter of plastics:
1200 mm
Film roll core diameter:
76 mm
up to 25 cycles/min
Overall dimensions (length × width × height):
not more than 18000 × 2855 × 2925 mm
not more than 7000 kg
Degree of protection:
IP 3.0 to EN 60529 and IEC 60144
Cleanness level of supplied compressed air according to GOST 17433-80:
not worse than 8
Number of maintenance personnel:
- Operator (control and quantity of products, change of material roll, waste disposal) – 1 person
- Service engineer (engaged on the occasion only when changing over from one product to another and servicing the equipment and monitoring processes) – 1 person


Package examples:

Автор : btamedia

Why us?

The reliability of our equipment is due to many years of experience on the market of thermoforming equipment and moulds, as well as the use of component parts of only well-known manufacturers.