A blister is perfectly combined with a blister card which can be colorfully designed and besides contains information. As a rule a blister card is attached to a blister in two ways:

  1. It can be welded and in this case a package provides the opening control;
  2. It can be slidable, like a pencil box lid, and then the package can be used over and over again for its storage at home.

To weld a blister card to a blister we manufacture a semi-automatic single-position machine PP-100. Placing blisters, products and substrates into tooling of PP-100 is carried out manually, welding modes are processed automatically.


Brief specifications of PP-100 model:

Purpose – welding of a blister to a blister card under the temperature influence.

Electric power supply – 220 V, 50 Hz (single-phase).

Maximum power consumption – 1400 kW.

Weight – up to 120 kg.

Air consumption, no more than 10 m33.

Capacity – up to 250 cycles per hour

Maximum size of welded area – A-4 (at once several blisters can be placed on working area).

Welded materials – cardboard with heat seal lacquer, foil with heat seal lacquer and parchment with adhesive layer.


The machine is operated by one operator. Placing of goods, blisters and removal of finished packages is performed by hand.

ПП-100 is powered by a pneumatic network or by a small compressor (not included into the equipment price).

The manufacturing period of ПП-100 is 1.5 months.


Machine specifications


welding of a plastic package to a blister card or foil in a semi-automatic mode



Supply voltage

220 V, 50 Hz (1-phase)

Maximum power consumption, W


Average power consumption, W


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Air consumption m3/hour, no more3m3/hour, no more


Air pressure, MPa


Maximum clamping force, kg


Measured temperatures range, 0С


Set time range, sec


Capacity, cycles/hour

up to 300

Machine configuration

table, welding unit, control unit, pneumatic panel

Removable tooling

welding frames

At your request we can manufacture and supply a semi-automatic multiposition machine for welding a blister to a cardboard PP-100М which has the capacity of up to 600 cycles per hour.

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